Internet Reputation Management Expert Discusses the Importance of Business Reputation Management in the Holiday Season

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The holiday season is a key moment for those who are looking after their online reputations, and online reputation management expert JW Maxx Solutions reveals why.

Top online reputation management company JW Maxx Solutions knows that now is the time that business big and small are gearing up for their holiday traffic. This is one of the key points in the year for many businesses, and they have many goals that they are looking to accomplish this season.

“If you run or own a business,” says reputation expert Walter Halicki, “you know how important it is that you can get the word out about your goods and services during the holiday season. What you may not know is how important it is that you have an excellent online reputation too.”

Reputation management services are key all year round for many businesses, but believe it or not, they actually matter more in the holiday season, and here the Scottsdale reputation management experts reveal the top reasons why reputation management factors are changing in the holiday season.

  1. Defense: During this season, the stress of the holidays tends result in higher expectations from customers. When these customers believe that they have had unsatisfactory experiences, they are more likely to leave negative reviews or go after a business on social media. This is why the rep management experts stress that it is so important to have established a strong online defense for the season so that they are prepared just in case someone leaves less than favorable comments.
  2. Getting the word out: Proper reputation management is about promotion as well as defense. An online reputation management company’s job is to make sure that a business can look great in the holiday season and bring in some new business to reach important goals for the season. Having the right strategies in place will help businesses stay active online and meet their holiday goals.
  3. Stacking up against competitors: In such a vital season, businesses want to make sure that they can stand out and rank well for industry keywords, especially in fields where there is heavy competition. When a business has access to an expert that can properly manage online reputations, it is easier for them to be seen by those who are looking for their services.

For businesses who need a little help with getting their online reputation ready for the holiday season, JW Maxx has a number of tools and strategies that can give them the boost that they need.

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How the Reputation Defenders Can Help Your Online Reputation

Digital reputation management experts help your brand online.

The reputation experts can guide you to a better online standing.

The reputation defenders at JW Maxx Solutions want to make sure that every company and individual is able to have a strong online reputation. A good online reputation is what is needed for creating strong relationships with consumers and others in an industry and being successful in the modern world. However, a strong online reputation is a hard thing to come by for those who do not know what is needed to build one. If, however, they seek the help of reputation defenders, an individual or brand can benefit from the following services.

  • Promotion: Reputation defenders know that a huge part of building up a brand is publishing engaging relevant content and knowing how to promote it. When this content is used correctly, it will make the brand stand out, and help it gain the attention of potential clients. Promotions are an essential part of creating a trusted and reputable brand and it is also a key component of a great online reputation.
  • Protection: When companies have the assistance of the reputation defenders, they will see that together they can build a strong protective wall of content online for the brand in question. Building a strong wall like this one will keep many attacks and online threats from causing harm to the brand so having such a protection is essential.
  • Confrontation: When a negative asset does appear that will harm the reputation of an individual or a company, it needs to be dealt with quickly. The reputation defenders know how to confront these attacks head on, and address them so that they cannot gain the traction needed to harm the brand long term. This is essential for a brand as it will prevent its carefully crafted and long worked for reputation online from being brought down by an attack.
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Best Reputation Management Monitoring Tools

Creative business colleagues discussing over computer in office

One of the best reputation management techniques is monitoring. The reason monitoring is so essential is that it lets a brand or individual know what others are saying about it. This allows individuals to see possible threats that they need to address and push back against. Knowing what is being said about a brand or individual may also allow them to find beneficial assets that can help them improve their reputation. If you are looking for a way to carefully monitor your reputation, check out JW Maxx Solutions’ list of best reputation management tools.

  • Other people: If you are managing your personal reputation, do not be afraid to ask your friends and family members to be your eyes online. Having your friends search for you once in awhile will help you because they may see potential threats that you would not consider. They can also be your eyes when you do not have the time or ability to check, and can also keep an eye on what you put online just in case you make a mistake.
  • Monitoring alerts: There are tools that will allow you to subscribe to a regular update on what new assets are showing up in association with your keywords. Some of these are more complex than others and may offer different features. However, even something as simple as Google Alerts will help you stay up to date on important information. These alerts are some of the best reputation management monitoring tools and are simple and easy to use.
  • Google and other search engines: Whenever you want to know what consumers and clients see when they search for you or your brand, you need to head to search engines. A simple Google search will show you how others see you. Search engines are not only one of the best reputation management tools, they are also very accessible and they are essential as they will help you understand what the biggest and most powerful threats are to your brand.
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How Reviews Can Cause Bad Reputation Online

Businessman Pointing On Sign Review Golden Stars

There are many different factors that may have an impact on the way that you look online. When you have good content appearing in search results for your name or brand name, it helps you build a positive reputation. If, however, there is bad content, it will cause a bad reputation online for your brand. Reviews are a vital part of your online reputation as bad ones can severely hurt your brand. JW Maxx Solutions says that you must pay attention to and respond to such reviews for a number of reasons including the following.

  • Consumers pay attention to reviews: When a consumer wants to see if they should buy a product or pay for a service, they do their research first by heading to the Internet to see what others think. Reviews are a form of research and the results will determine if they want to pursue a brand or if a bad reputation online for the brand will make the consumer turn away.
  • Unhappy customers are more likely to review: When a customer is unhappy, they are often fueled by that anger to go write scathing reviews that will hurt a brand. Because unhappy customers are more likely to review, when a company is not careful about the way it treats customers, they can have a bad reputation online as a result.
  • Bad reviews carry weight: When customers look at reviews of a company that has a bad reputation online, they will likely see a number of negative reviews. They may also see positive reviews, sometimes in equal parts. However, individuals want to make sure that they are being wary, and they will often take complaints about a brand into account first, as they want to be prepared for the worst. A brand needs more positive reviews than negative to even out the status of the company online.
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Best Practices for Personal Online Reputation Management Shared by Scottsdale Reputation Management Experts

Asking what your brand’s online strategy is the key question

The web reputation experts at JW Maxx Solutions stress the importance of personal reputations online and how they can be damaged without the right practices.

Internet reputation experts know how important it is for anyone who wants to have a successful career or business to make sure that they have a great online presence. Companies and their executives alike need to be appealing, approachable and trustworthy, and that is why so many brands turn to reputation management experts to help them create that stellar online presence for the betterment of their brand.

However, what some people don’t realize is that the way someone looks online does not only matter to those who are well-established professionals. Anyone can have a poor reputation online, especially when they take part in bad practices. These bad reputations can hinder individuals when they are trying to get a job, into a good school, or even start their own business. Though for many a more extensive Reputation Rescue™ may be necessary, there are some things that everyone can do to help them manage their reputation online.

  1. Think before posting: One of the tops ways that individuals get themselves into deep water online is when they are not careful about what they post on social media accounts. The reputation experts know it is very important that everyone is wary of their actions online and is careful to make sure that what they are saying is appropriate. Keep in mind that social reputation is a huge part of reputation management.
  2. Don’t get into fights online: Like posting recklessly, getting into arguments with anonymous posters online can make the person replying less credible. Additionally, the heated atmosphere of these types of fights can make it very difficult for individuals to control themselves once they have made the first step and decided to engage. Avoiding these conflicts can be a huge step in protecting an online reputation.
  3. Don’t be lazy: Another reputation killer is a lack of commitment. If a company or school cannot find any information about an individual that they are planning on engaging with, it can be almost as damaging as finding negative information. It is important that individuals are committed to accurate information and dedicated to making themselves stand out online, or it could make them fall flat in the faces of their competitors.

Maintaining a stellar online reputation is hard, especially if individuals do not avoid some of the common pitfalls that come from not being informed about their reputations. For those who need help monitoring the way that they look online, or want tools to help them repair the reputation mistakes of the past, JW Maxx Solutions can help. Visit for more information.

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Reputation Management Plan for Better Reviews

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Reviews can have a huge impact on the way that a brand is seen when consumers search for it online. Good reviews signal to potential clients and customers that the brand is trustworthy and a good choice for their needs. Bad reviews will have the opposite effect. For that reason, it is essential that companies do all that they can to get the best reviews from their satisfied customers, so JW Maxx Solutions shares some tips to build a reputation management plan for better reviews.

  • Ask for reviews: One of the biggest mistakes that companies make when they are trying to craft a reputation management plan for better reviews is not asking for feedback. Many customers have great experiences with a company but do not know how or where to leave a great review. Asking a customer for feedback and telling them where they can leave it will allow them to easily give you the feedback that you need for a stellar reputation online.
  • Build a relationship with customers: When you want better customer reviews, you need customers to be happy with the service that they receive. When you go the extra mile, provide excellent customer service, and are attentive to the customer’s needs, you will see that this excellence is reflected in customer reviews. You cannot get good feedback without happy customers, but by making customer service a priority, you have more opportunities for great reviews.
  • Use feedback to your advantage: When you see customers leaving complaints, see why they are upset. If you properly address their complaints and fix the problems that they have addressed, you are preventing those problems from being the cause of bad reviews in the future. Additionally, you may see that some customers will leave you positive follow up reviews in response to your action.
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How to Improve Your Reputation by Understanding Reviews

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When a company or an individual wants to see success for their brand, they must be accessible online and they must have a clean online reputation as well says JW Maxx Solutions. This makes it easy for individual to find and contact the brand or individual that they want to do business with, and they can see if the brand is trustworthy and should be hired, or purchased from. If you want to know how to improve your reputation online, you need to understand how reviews impact your business. Here are some of the factors that must be considered.

  • Online content has lasting power: Once something is on the Internet, it usually stays there. Many review sites do not allow individuals to remove reviews once they have been posted, meaning that negative reviews will remain and plague your brand. This is why it is essential they you are actively trying to prevent such reviews. If clients feel like they need to complain about a brand online, they will damage the reputation of that brand.
  • Reviews have impact on consumers: When potential customers need a service that your company may provide, they will research you and your competitors. If they see bad reviews when they look up a company, they will likely pass it up to look for another because they depend on the experiences and feedback of others to give them insight on what they can expect from a service. Trying to discourage negative reviews and get good ones is a key to learning how to improve your reputation on the web.
  • Customer service and online reviews are related: If you really want to know how to improve your reputation online, you must always make customer service a priority. Customers who have had good experiences are the ones that will leave you good reviews and build up your reputation. Give them the experience that they deserve.
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