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JW Maxx Solutions is headquartered in Phoenix Arizona. We also have offices in Los Cabos, Mexico and Panama City, Panama. We have an A rating with the BBB and have been in business for over 10 years.

Online reputation management is not something that is a one size fits all approach. We believe that every client is special and deserves a custom fit approach. We do not have reputation management proposals pre-made, as the services can vary from client to client and need to be adapted for certain circumstances related to the individual campaign. We always offer a free consultation to discuss your personal online reputation management campaign or for a corporate reputation management strategy. As of January 2018, we service over 1000 clients throughout the world and have maintained our positive reviews and ratings.

With our strong presence in Mexico and Central America, we have the ability to assist our clients in the Spanish language. This not only applies to online reputation management but also with web development and SEO packages. Clients in North America may also benefit from an increase in sales due to targeting clients in the Spanish language.

Our teams include over 50 professionals who are located throughout our three offices. To help better serve our clients with custom strategies and stay on top of cutting-edge online reputation management changes and updates, Mr. Rowland Hanson came on board with JW Maxx Solutions in 2015 as our chairman of the board. Mr. Hanson has been an integral part to our growth and development and has helped our clients with advanced reputation management strategies, which have drastically improved their online presence.

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