Reputation Management Essential Tips

Targeting new customers on the map for the holiday season

Everyone, from teens heading to college to high-powered companies, needs to have strong online reputations. It is through these reputations that people are able to get into contact with new clients and colleagues or create successful professional reputations for themselves or their brands. Building a strong reputation is a lot of work and often requires the help of a reputation management firm such as JW Maxx Solutions. However, for those who are beginning to build online reputation, here are some simple tips that they can utilize.

  • Watch what you post: The expert reputation management firm says that this is important for any individual that may have their name searched, even if they are not in the public eye. When others search for you, you want them only to see good things, and so you must be careful that you are not posting anything that may be considered inappropriate. Think about what would happen if your employer saw you bashing your job, or if a client saw you posting questionable pictures. Always think twice about everything you post.
  • Revamp old accounts: The social accounts that you opened years ago but no longer use can still show up when someone searches for you, so you want to make sure that these accounts work for you. Clean them up, put some good content on them, and make them appealing to those who may find them. If you cannot use an account, you can delete it completely as well shares the top reputation management firm.
  • Update profiles: Any profiles that you currently use to promote yourself or your brand should also be reviewed. Make sure that you update these accounts and refresh them with new and up to date information and copy. This makes the account appealing and helps others find you. A cluttered profile may turn employers or clients away, so make sure that you regularly run checks on these profiles.
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Customer Service Tips for Hotel Reputation Management

JW Maxx Reveals how to react to online reviews

JW Maxx Solutions says that hotel reputation management is essential for those that want to make sure that they can be successful. If they neglect their online reputation management, it will be difficult for them to stay in the favor of their guests and potential future guests. There are many ways to improve the standing of a hotel online, but first and foremost they need to pay attention to their customer service. When you have satisfied customers, you will get better reviews and see a better response online. Here are some tips to keep in mind to provide better customer experiences.

  • Show concern: Whenever a guest needs assistance, it is essential for hotel reputation management that these needs are addressed as soon as possible. Many guests that have complaints about hotels have them because their needs are not addressed quickly enough, or because they are ignored all together. Even when a hotel is busy, the staff needs to make sure that guests know that they will be attended to.  Additionally, managers should take the time to make rounds and check in with guests. Even after a visit is over, follow up with guests to see how they enjoyed their time so they know your care.
  • Try new techniques: Another great tip for hotel reputation management is to utilize new methods to make the experience easier for your guests. Utilize express technologies to cut down on wait times. You can also hire a GEM (Guest Experience Manager) whose job is to make sure that there are practices put in place and followed to ensure the best customer experiences
  • Be accessible: Guests need to know that they can get in touch with a hotel even when they are not on property. A great tip for hotel reputation management is to make sure that there are online forums where individuals can get in touch with the hotel before or after their trip. When a hotel is available and attentive, it will lead to a better customer experience.
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Online Reputation Tips for Handling Reviews

Internet Reputation expert wants to correctly handle customer concerns.

Handle the situation correctly and it can turn out well for both you and your customer.

When a company wants to be able to gain new customers, they need to make sure that their online reputation is sound and strong. This is because, in the modern world, the Internet is the first place that many consumers go to find out more about products and services that they need. Most of these individuals will look first and foremost at reviews. For that reason, reviews are essential to a company, and can make or break it depending on if these reviews are good or bad. To make sure that they are utilizing good reviews and discouraging bad ones, companies should keep in mind these online reputation tips for dealing with reviews from JW Maxx Solutions.

  • Ask for reviews: Many companies do not have enough positive reviews for one particular reason: they do not ask for them. Companies sometimes need to lead satisfied customers to the venues through which they can leave reviews, and customers may also need to be reminded that their reviews will help the company. One of the simplest but most important tips for companies and brands is that they should ask their clients for reviews after they have had a good experience.
  • Learn from feedback: Another online reputation tip that needs to be considered by all companies when they are dealing with reviews is that even bad reviews can be beneficial and should be considered. Critiques will show a company where they are going wrong and how they can make improvements for the future. Learning from your mistakes will help a company gain better reviews in the future.

Consistently respond: Every time that you get a review, you should respond. Even bad reviews should be responded to with respect and professionalism because it can help the brand address the needs of its customers. This attentiveness will also reflect well on the company and when other clients see it, it will make them trust the company more.

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Scottsdale Reputation Management Expert Explains Why Brand Reputation Matters during the Holiday Season

All you need to know for your brand this season

With the start of the holiday season, the online reputation protection experts at JW Maxx Solutions share tips to explain why businesses should consider their online reputation during this period.

“Businesses big and small need to pay attention to how they are conducting their business online this holiday season, and what others are saying about them,” says reputation expert Walter Halicki, CEO of JW Maxx Solutions.

The holiday season is the busiest shopping season of the year. People are milling around, doing business with several companies to pick the perfect gifts and utilize services that will make their holiday season better and brighter. What this means is that it is key all companies are prepared for the season of shoppers, and with the importance of the online marketplace, that they are properly monitoring and protecting their online reputation. Here are some key reasons that they should pay extra attention to their reputations this season.

  1. Online landscapes affect sales: For many companies, the holiday season means lots of extra traffic and a chance to get some extra business and reach new goals. When a professional reputation is attacked during the season, it can harm the goals that the company has for this key season. It is important that businesses look good for potential clients and keep up to date with the way that they look online.
  2. Connecting helps business flourish: During the holiday season, social media reputation management is especially important. This is because social media is a great way to get a company noticed. It is also the best way to connect personally with customers, answer questions, and offer specials to increase customer engagement and promote the business.
  3. Staying attentive prevents problems later: If a company loses sight of their online reputation management during the holiday season, it can harm them much more later. The best online reputation management companies point out that when customers are under the pressure of the holiday season, they are more sensitive to small problems and are more likely to complain online or leave bad review. If companies are not prepared for these attacks, or ignore them when they happen, it can hurt them in the long run. Businesses need to stay ahead of the game during the holiday season and always be aware of how they are being seen online.

For success during the holiday season, businesses need to be on their game when it comes to their online reputation. One of the ways that they can ensure that they are on top of everything is with the help of a reputation expert who can monitor and protect a company’s standing online so that the business can focus on what it does best. Visit for more information.



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Online Reputation Specialist Shares Expert Tips

Scottsdale Reputation Management Firm shares how they can help businesses grow.

Keep these online reputation tips in mind so that you can focus on maintaining your business.

Every individual needs to have a good online reputation in the modern world if they want to be successful says online reputation specialist JW Maxx Solutions. Building such a reputation is important but it is not easy. It often requires the help of a professional to build a strong and lasting online reputation for an individual or a company. However, in the meantime, individuals can help their online standing by following these tips.

  • Act like a professional: Whenever you want to post content online for your followers, clients, or fans, the online reputation specialist says that you need to be very professional about it. Even posts on social media are a representation of your brand and must be taken seriously. You must also be sure that everything your brand produces is clean, clear, and engaging so that you can properly represent your brand.
  • Protect private information: Having proper privacy settings on all or your accounts and profiles is important, both for your online reputation and your personal security as well. Keep your personal information private as well as your interactions with family and friends. Make sure that you do not share certain information over inappropriate channels and never post sensitive information on public profiles either.

Clean up your own content: The online reputation specialist says that individuals are responsible for their own online reputation in many ways. If you want to have a clean reputation online, you have to make sure that you have not contributed any of the content that is harming your brand. You should go to old profiles and sites and update the information so that when people find these sites they get proper facts about you and your brand. Also be sure to delete old content that is no longer relevant to your online image.

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Scottsdale Reputation Management Expert Reveals 3 Tools to Establish or Repair an Online Reputation

Tools you need to build or repair reputation

When trying to build or fix and online reputation, there are several tools and techniques that should be utilized according to the online business reputation management expert, JW Maxx Solutions.

Reputation management expert Walter Halicki knows what it takes for businesses to be successful in the online age.

“You need make a name for yourself online,” he shares, “ Because that is the first place that you target market is going to look when they are seeking someone who will offer them a service or good in your field.”

However, looking good online is not as easy as it sounds. Whether due to competitive markets or online reputation damage, many companies struggle to get where they want to be online. Others don’t give enough thought to their professional reputation on the Internet. The good news is that many of these struggles can be overcome with the right tools, and here one of the leading reputation management companies, JW Maxx Solutions, shares some of the tools and techniques that anyone can use to assess how their brand or company looks online and whether or not they need help from reputation management firms.

  1. Search Engines: Google and other top search engines are a great resource for beginning an assessment of online reputation for any individual or group. Searching the keywords and seeing how the company’s sites rank in comparison with competitors or even negative reviews is an important first step. This will allow the brand to assess what they need to establish for a strong business reputation.
  2. Alert tools: There are a number of tools out there that will allow anyone to monitor a keyword, name, or phrase. These simple tools can help anyone keep an eye on when their company is being talked about, and help them assets if the feedback is promising or troubling. The best way to ensure proper brand and reputation management is always to stay on top of what is being said online.
  3. Social Sites: Social sites are a great tool because profiles on them are often free, easy to set up, and allow a venue for interaction between business and customer in the online arena. Even a company that is starting out should be sure that they claim their name on some of these important sites so that they can have an online presence for their business says the social reputation management experts.

These are some of the first steps to building a healthy online reputation, but there are many more factors to consider. Many find that managing a successful business and protecting its online reputation on their own is too difficult. That is when it is always smart for those who need help to seek expert advice from reputation companies like JW Maxx Solutions who can give them the tools that they need to succeed. Visit for more information.

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Reputation Management Plan for Teens and Young Adults

Scottsdale Reputation Management Expert reveals how to get your online reputation ready for anything

When individuals want to be successful professionally, they need to have a strong online reputation. If they are starting their own business, their name will reflect on their brand. Additionally, if they are looking to get into a good college or trying to get a dream job, they will also need a great online reputation to appeal to employers and other important individuals. This is why it is so important that teens and young adults look at their own online reputations and start making a reputation management plan to make sure that they can be successful in their adult lives. Here are some tips to start their reputation management plan off on the right foot.

  • Start now: The earlier that individuals start paying attention to the way that they look online, the stronger their reputation will be when they start to establish their professional careers. High school juniors and seniors should start their reputation management plan now so that they can appeal to colleges and have a good chance at scholarships. College students should start planning to help their job searches out of college or aid them in building their own business.
  • Clean up: One thing that should be essential to any reputation management plan for young people is reviewing old content that they have put online. They should go to old profiles, websites, or blogs to cut out irrelevant material. They should also think about deleting old accounts that they can no longer use to make sure that outdated content is not showing up when employers, clients, or others search them for.
  • Monitor: Teens need to start looking at how others see them online. They need to search their own name to make sure that if there is any content, it is positive. Additionally, monitoring social media is essential. Making sure that they and their friends are not posting inappropriate content is always a must since social content can spread fast and last a long time.
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