NFL Referees May Need Reputation Management Company JW Maxx Solutions

Fans have always complained about a missed call, or a call against their team by an NFL referee, this is really nothing new.  What is new however the circus fans can now witness in basically every NFL game played so far this season.  Whether a call is missed or made that is incorrect, or a referee fails to break up a skirmish, or sometimes fails to even know the correct rules, the NFL replacement refs are turning Sunday into a comedy act.  While watching the referees butcher games on Sunday, the team at JW Maxx Solutions brought up a point about reputation management.  A referee is supposed to be completely unbiased, and recently, a story was published of the replacement referee who was dismissed from his post for having pictures of himself on Facebook in New Orleans Saints gear.  There is nothing wrong with being a Saints fan but it proves a point of how damaging information on the internet can be to ones reputation.  Granted the pictures were on this referees personal Facebook profile, but what about other posts or content that may damage an online reputation?

The NFL is also a multibillion dollar business, with several teams of PR professionals on staff, but there are companies out there not as large and not as powerful, who do not have teams of lawyers and PR experts.  I personally do not believe the mistakes of these replacement refs, will stop fans from watching NFL games; but it may cause a few extra eye brows to be raised, and beer cans to be thrown.  But for a company perhaps not as large as the NFL and not as powerful, think what this could do to their reputation.   If a company was to learn an employee was biased, this could affect their reputation and credibility as well; their reputation could be attacked for this.  It shows just how valid reputation management is, and how important having the right team of professionals in your corner is!

Online Reputation Management is a simple concept, and it is very much like the NFL, it is all about protection; protecting the quarterback, protecting the goal line, protecting your reputation online.  JW Maxx solutions are a team of experts who work to build a barrier of positive press on line, so that when you are attacked, you already have blockers in place.  Jay Cutler was sacked 7 times on Thursday night, and threw 4 interceptions; I am sure he feels a lot like someone who has just had their reputation attacked on line that has no protection.  The NFL refs who are getting attacked everyday for being inexperienced could sure use some on line protection.  Fans myself included, really get emotionally involved in Sundays games, and there are some people who would go as far to create a webpage attacking these referees.

JW Maxx Solutions believes these replacement refs could use the services of an experienced online reputation management company, one that will block for them, because as the season wears on, if the calls continue like they did in week 2, these refs are going to need our help!

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Corporate Reputation Management offered by JW Maxx Solutions Offers

Today it seems as if people actually search out negativity when they are looking something up online.  Negativity is not something that is easily stopped, it is much like a runaway train, or the car accident that everyone has to turn and look at, people are drawn to it, when it is easily viewable and out in the open that is.  Online companies like JW Maxx Solutions specialize in corporate reputation management.  The professionals at JW Maxx Solutions help fight off the negativity and help companies with their online reputation and project the image they wish to project.

Corporate reputation management has become a very “in demand service”, and it is not surprising.   We all are aware of the reach and power of the internet, and every company small and large  has some type of online presence.  Companies are attacked on line every single day, it may stem from a disgruntled ex employee, or perhaps even falsified allegations from a competitor in an attempt to damage the companies online image.   When a company is attacked they need solutions, and they need answers on how to defend themselves; this is where JW Maxx Solutions comes into play.  The JW Maxx Solutions professionals are experts in online corporate reputation management and they can create a customized plan to help combat all types of attacks companies may face.

JW Maxx Solutions recommends that companies look into corporate reputation management.  Even if there currently is little or no negative content online, companies should still have a plan in place.  CEO and President of JW Maxx Solutions Wally Halicki states that “the best defense is a strong offense, and to always be prepared for a strike”.  By being prepared with a plan and engaging the services of JW Maxx Solutions, companies can dominate the first page results of the search engines, thus preventing negative content from reaching the top of the page.  “A company can have the perfect product or service, and the best business model” continues Mr. Halicki “but a negative website which deters even just one customer, is costing the company money”. 

The privileged clients of JW Maxx Solutions enjoy being protected from any future attacks that may occur.  In this technical age companies must evolve, and one of the challenges associated with this technical era is maintaining a positive online reputation.  This is why corporate reputation management is so important for companies to look into.  By replacing the negative press with positive press, JW Maxx Solutions has become a global leader in providing solutions for these challenges.  JW Maxx Solutions recommends not waiting to look into corporate reputation management, look at your options and prepare yourself and your company to maintain a strong positive image online now!

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Clint Eastwood Is Still The Man Says JW Maxx Solutions

Many political pundits are quick to jump down Eastwood’s 82-year-old throat for remarks they felt did not add any substance the Republic National Convention. Eastwood, an active proponent of the Republican Party both on and off the camera for decades, received heavy criticism for alleged rambling and being purportedly off the mark with his statements.

The fact is that Eastwood gave a heartfelt, largely unrehearsed speech that spoke boldly on the subjects of unemployment, foreign wars, and the need for new life to be breathed into the Oval Office. He brought a fresh look to the stagnant two-party debate, drawing on hard-earned wisdom with a witty, tongue-in-cheek presentation.

We’re so used to flashy, practiced speeches from veterans in the realm of public speaking that we forget what it’s like for one of our own to stand up and spill his guts. Forget what it’s like to hear a man speak from the heart, not from a teleprompter. Forget that it is the voice of the average man that makes this man great, not the subtle droll of the masses or the emphatic promises of a politician.

Those of you who think that Clint Eastwood’s theatrical and symbolic monologue to the absent President Obama was senile or misguided are missing the point, allowing the humor and intelligence of this American icon fly way over their heads. The fact is that Clint Eastwood is a legend in every sense of the word, from the Main Street to Wall Street and from the silver screen to the red, white and blue stage. His messages were clear and presented in a stylized, interesting manner. Don’t let the fact that he is at heart an entertainer taint his ability to pass along his strong belief in conservative American values.

As the election approaches, we at JW MAXX Solutions urge you not to take anything at face value. Do your research, ask the hard questions and don’t be afraid to listen to those you may not be automatically drawn to. The truth sometimes hurts. And if you aren’t willing to be a true patriot of this country and want to just drift through the American political landscape hoping that things will end up going your way, there’s one question you have to ask yourself. Do I feel lucky?

Well, do you, punk?

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JW Maxx Solutions – Content is King (What Design Alone Won’t Get You)

JW Maxx Solutions believes that it’s easy to get up in the virtual side of creating a web site. In a way, adding all that flashy polish of graphics, color and SEO feels good. It’s what makes your site pop. Makes it truly come alive. But there are so many technicalities and nuances that it’s sometimes hard to know when you have to drop the polish and pick up the hammer.

You shouldn’t be using your SEO as a crutch, inundating your content with so many keywords that it becomes a grammatical train wreck of forced, out-of-place phrasing. Readers can and will pick up on this and they won’t like it. You need to find a balance. The same goes for your art design and display. Your pretty colors and spiffy logo can be the bait of your website just as long as your written content follows through.

So then, what is good content? How do you know if your written words are strong, long or bold enough? Try this with your content. Count how many words you have and cut the last half off. Read the first half. Does your message still make sense? Does it include all the points you wanted? If so, your content was too long to begin with.

What’s most important is that your content has impact as well as sufficient keyword frequency. It needs to be creative and moving while also being informative. Nobody wants to read a jargonized laundry list of features – they want to be shown how something works, not told.

Equally important is that you understand the specific formatting rules of print copy. The accepted style in the United States is MLA for all things related to news, advertising and literature. Not knowing MLA formatting will make your site look unprofessional and unplanned. Keeping consistent with style rules is more than avoiding spelling mistakes and knowing that you have to capitalize the first letter of a sentence. Do you know the seven rules about using commas? How to avoid passive voice? When to hyphenate a compound word?

But even past the set-in-stone rules, many people are adversarial with writing because there is no formula to good prose. Like any art, it takes dedication and practice. At JW Maxx Solutions, we pride ourselves on combining the most effective SEO design elements with masterful, experienced writing, rounding out the overall presentation of effective online advertising. JW Maxx Solutions’ writers all come from backgrounds in print, media advertising and public relations so you can trust that any copywriting done on your site will come out textbook-perfect every time.


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Brand Reputation Management Specialist JW Maxx Solutions Discloses, ‘Reasons Behind Declining Corporate Reputations’

Brand Reputation Management specialists, JW Maxx Solutions, has been providing Positive Media Solutions for several companies across the globe. During a recent interview, the CEO of the company shared the reasons, “why some companies face a declining corporate reputation.”

“Brand Reputation Management is of the utmost importance today”, he said. “As more and more companies deploy reasonable measures to evaluate employee performance, there seems to be a rise in the number of layoffs.”  He further added that although some companies enjoy greater revenues with these measures, a greater proportion of them seem to suffer fading reputations among major search engines. On many occasions, disgruntled employees and deceitful competitors have been found to manipulate search engine rankings for companies through fake reviews and negative comments.

Brand Reputation Management seems to be the only answer for firms who wish to develop a sustainable competitive edge. ATL or BTL activities never succeed when a company is promoting its good name, especially when many anonymous internet users accuse the company of things it never did.  Search results on Google, or any other major search engine that displays complaints, scam reports, or rip off reports cannot be matched with a company blog that simply states the company to be in good faith.

Brand Reputation Management, achieved through social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter, may be good tools for helping the company to regain its good image in some instances, but it is always beneficial to hire professionals to do the job.  Brand Reputation Management pros, such as JW Maxx Solutions, can help file complaints against anonymous John Doe users, and get legal permission to track down the ISP and IPs of whoever is behind such fraudulent acts of defamation.

Brand Reputation Management experts can also help a company to understand its legal rights against defamation, while protecting the freedom of speech for the community as required by law.  Every organization, whether operating online or through conventional brick and mortar channels, should act proactively, and consult professionals like JW Maxx Solutions when it comes to Brand Reputation Management.

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