Why It is Important for Job Seekers to Control Their Online Reputations Shared by JW Maxx Solutions

Many companies know that having a strong presence online is important for their business, but oftentimes individuals do no put as much care or concern into their own reputations. JW Maxx Solutions reminds you that having a strong online reputation is important no matter who you are, and if you are someone who is trying to establish themselves in the professional world, it is vital. You may not realize it, but hiring professionals these days are considering how candidates look online before they hire them or even call them for an interview, so it is important that you protect your online reputation no matter what stage of life you are in. If you are trying to get a job or establish yourself in the professional world, here are a couple of things that you can do to help your reputation before hiring managers search for you.

  1. Make sure that your resume is honest: If you have in any way lied on your resume, it will be very easy for hiring managers to find the inconsistencies by looking for your social profiles. Make sure that your information is honest on both your resume and your profiles so that hiring managers do not think that you are trying to lie about yourself or your abilities.
  2. Be careful about what you post: When you are on the job hunt, it is important to remember that anything you put online can reflect back on you. The Scottsdale Reputation Management Firm says that it is important to monitor what you post and make sure that you are not posting things that are inappropriate or offensive. If you would not say something to a potential boss, do not post it online.
  3. Act professional even online: JW Maxx Solutions shares that even little things like grammar usage can make a difference when a hiring professional is looking at your online presence. If they see professional looking content from you online, they will perceive you as a qualified individual, so do not overlook the little things and put time into what you are putting online so that it is thoughtful and professional.
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Miley Cyrus Turns Around Reputation at 2014 VMA Show Shares Scottsdale Reputation Management

JW Maxx Solutions knows that many people were shocked and appalled at the performance that Miley Cyrus gave at the Video Music Awards last year. The young women that society saw as an innocent girl who moonlighted as “Hannah Montana” showed everyone that she is certainly all grown up.

Both people in the crowd and watching the show at home could not believe that Cyrus was gallivanting around the stage half naked, sticking out her tongue, and flashing provocative gestures to the camera. After that evening, the world was abuzz with the newfound reputation that Cyrus had given herself.

She spent the next year keeping up with this image, and people could never figure out what exactly she would do next. Now, people are equally shocked and surprised at the performance that this young musician gave at the 2014 Video Music Awards.

This year, Miley Cyrus decided to utilize the popular music awards show to talk about something that she cares about, charity. Cyrus won the award for Video of the Year for the hit “Wrecking Ball” and decided to do something a little different. JW Maxx Solutions shares that instead of accepting the award herself, she allowed Jesse, a young homeless man, to give a touching speech instead. He spoke about the large number of homeless and starving youth in the United States and how he is one of them.

This showed huge compassion from Cyrus, as many people are criticizing her actions over the past year. Her desire to help these starving youth demonstrates that she still is the young woman that America knows and loves.

Scottsdale Reputation Management says that while many people wonder whether or not Cyrus is headed on the right track, one thing is for certain. She was able to astound people by her generosity that she showed last night on television. This act alone may have put her in the right direction and have changed her reputation for the better, at least temporarily.

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The Way a New Delaware Lawis Changing Social Media Discussed by Scottsdale Reputation Management Expert

The Scottsdale Reputation Management Experts know how big of an impact social media has in the lives of people each day. While these sites have become a staple of everyday life for a large percent of the world’s population, the accounts of individuals on social media have traditionally ended with the life of the people who owns them. However, this is now changing with the passing of a new Delaware law.

In the past, because social media sites do not allow for users to share their login information, when a user passes, their accounts are cut off. There has been no legal right to family or friends of the deceased parties to access the accounts that have been left behind. The new Delaware law however will allow individuals to put access to their social accounts into their wills, and they will be able to either opt for the accounts to stay closed or to pass it on to a family member or friend.

While this new law has many advantages, including the ability for individuals to leave the ownership of their online content to their loved ones, there is controversy to the new law as well. The problem with this law is not for the deceased or for their heirs, but for those who have communicated with them through social media prior to their death. If, for example, private messages were sent between a doctor and one of his patients through Facebook or another social media site, and the doctor dies and leaves access to his social pages to a family member in his will, those family members will have access to the private conversations between doctor and patient.

Delaware is the first state to adopt this law, and it is hard to say exactly what kind of an impact it will have. What JW Maxx Solutions does know is that this is just another example of how important it is to monitor how you use the online world. Social media is now becoming an entity with a lot of power, and it is important to protect yourself when you use it personally or professionally.

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Proves the Power of Social Media, Revealed by Scottsdale Reputation Management Firm

JW Maxx Solutions shares that as social media is becoming a major part of today’s society, many people are questioning its uses. There have been studies showing that people who are on social media can actually become depressed from using it. Additionally, social media platforms have also been a major venue for bullying and abuse for people.

Although there are certainly downfalls to constantly being on social media, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has proven that it can do some good as well. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge recently started as a way to raise awareness and money for the fatal illness, otherwise known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Now, thousands of people across the world are participating in the challenge and posting their videos on Facebook and other social media sites. Although many users may simply be doing it to be part of this sweeping movement, the challenge is also an example of how powerful social media can be.

Internet Reputation Management experts share that social media has served as an extremely powerful tool in order to spread the word about ALS. In less than a month’s period, over 41 million dollars has been donated to finding both a treatment and a cure for it. Currently, about 30,000 Americans have been diagnosed with the disease and the life expectancy is anywhere from two to five years.

When logging on to social media, people can find their news feed flooded with videos of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Those who participate are instructed to dump a bucket of water on themselves or donate money to the cause. They are then to challenge three more people to do so as well. Everyone from President George W. Bush to Ben Affleck to Britney Spears have all completed the challenge, and many celebrities are donating generous amounts of money to the cause as they drench themselves in chilling water.

However, there are many critics out there as well. People are saying that participants should not be dumping and wasting clean drinking water for the challenge, especially because other countries are in dire need of it. Scottsdale Reputation Management shares that although this is hotly debated, there is no doubt how powerful social media is and what it can accomplish.

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How to Make your Business More Engaging on Facebook with Advice from Scottsdale Reputation Management Firm

Businesses today have to have a presence online, especially when it comes to social media. So many people use social media on a daily basis that it is foolish for businesses to not have a social media presence. Additionally, if you are a business owner or trying to promote your personal brand, it is not enough to just have a page on a site like Facebook, you need to utilize these sites to their fullest potential. The reputation experts at JW Maxx Solutions know that there are several things that companies can do to increase their success and traffic on social media.

  1. Include more pictures: Pictures are very engaging, and they can say a lot about your business in a short amount of time. Including pictures of your staff, your customers, or your product can increase interaction from your fans online, and can easily give them information about your brand. Pictures are a fun and bright way to spruce up your business Facebook page.
  2. Share your interests. The Scottsdale Reputation Management firm knows that people begin businesses because they are passionate about what they do, and believes that you should share that passion on social media. If you put out posts that show how much you love the product that you create or the service you are providing, it will show your fans how dedicated you are to your work and make them more interested in doing business with you. It will also increase regular interaction with people who find your brand on social media.
  3. Interact: It is so very important that once you get more traffic to your social media pages, you take the time to engage with the people that are following you. This interaction can be as simple as responding to them and thanking them when they have questions or leave good feedback about your brand. As simple as this effort is, JW Maxx Solutions knows that it is something that your fans are going to appreciate greatly.

Using social media is important for your business, and the more you learn to utilize it, the further it is going to go toward making your business successful.

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Taylor Swift Embraces New Reputation, Explained by Scottsdale Reputation Management Firm

Scottsdale Reputation Management firm shares that Taylor Swift is a huge musical icon for today’s younger generation. Her upbeat tunes and fun lyrics make her popular for many teens and young adults in society. Beginning her career as a teenager herself, Taylor Swift has grown up in the spotlight and has had to endure a slew of negative comments thrown her way.

Swift has been criticized for bashing and discussing her relationships in her songs, which seems like the only subject that she sings about. Under these lyrics are powerful messages that she portrays to her audiences.

Her newest single debuted on August 18th and has been a trending topic on social media platforms all throughout the Internet. “Shake it Off” is Swift’s new hit that officially transforms her into the world of pop, leaving her country roots behind.

Many people argue that Taylor Swift’s music is not country, and now they will have the peace of mind that she is no longer considering herself a country singer… for now. While society can claim that her songs are too personal and immature, she surely embraces this status.

JW Maxx Solutions shares that Taylor Swift’s new single is in fact about the media and everything that they say about her. The first few lines of her song say, “ I go on too many dates. But I can’t make them stay. That’s what people say.” This is in reference to the many people out there who are claiming that Swift can’t keep a relationship and then writes a song about it.

Swift has been able to take that criticism and turn it into an upbeat tune that should leave a positive message to her fans. The pop singer shares that listening to all of the negative feedback can make people go crazy. Instead of letting it affect her, she has chosen to “Shake it Off.”

Whether or not people believe that Swift is immature with her songs featuring details about her relationships, JW Maxx Solutions says that one thing is for certain. Taylor Swift is a reputation genius who is able to send positive messages to her audience about handling criticism.

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LeAnn Rimes’ Twitter Fail and How She Conquered the Situation Revealed by Scottsdale Reputation Management Firm

JW Maxx Solutions knows that with the increasing use of social media, celebrities are constantly posting the latest pictures and updates of their day-to-day lives. Many ordinary citizens out there find it extremely intriguing and entertaining as to how these glamorous people live, and hang on every word that comes from their social media accounts.

With this continuous use of social media, there is bound to be a slip-up every once in awhile with a racy picture or comment coming from a well-known celebrity. Even if the mistake is caught quickly and taken down, chances are that hundreds of thousands of followers have already seen the picture or comment and taken a picture of it, making it nearly impossible to erase it from the web. Once the damage has been done, Scottsdale Reputation Management says that the question is how to handle it and try to control the situation as much as possible.

It was revealed on the popular VHI reality series, “LeAnn and Eddie” that LeAnn Rimes has recently experienced a social media fail herself and was given the dilemma as to what to do next. Rimes had intended on posting a picture of some delicious pancakes on Twitter one early morning, but instead gave her followers a much racier image to go along with their breakfast. The selfie of Rimes and her pancakes actually showed the famous singer’s scantily clad rear-end.

Although she took down the image from her account when she realized her social media fail, the Internet was already buzzing with the news. In fact, Rimes and her rear were trending, with the hashtag, #rimeswithbooty, all over Twitter. Rimes was advised by her publicist just to wait it out until someone else screwed up. Instead of taking the advice, the country singer had a different plan of her own. Rimes took it upon herself to have fun with the situation and post a picture of her husband’s backend on Twitter.

JW Maxx Solutions shares that social media fails are inevitable, and it is really a matter of how to handle it. By taking a proactive approach to the situation, Rimes was able to have some fun with a seemingly horrible situation.

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