Online Review Management

Review Management

Protecting your Online reputation with Scheduled Posting software

This feature ensures that you reach your social media followers through your posts. With scheduled posting, you can set a particular time that the posts should go live on your social media handles. You don’t have to sit in the office and wait for that time. Scheduled posts also help you to optimize your post viewership based on time. There are certain hours that you expect most of your audience to be using their various social media platforms. You can time your posts to reach your audience at specific times. The advanced scheduling of postings will also save you time in the long run.

How to get better reviews?

What customers say about your business matters. It shows other prospective customers what to expect from you. Positive reviews tend to attract more customers. The software we utilize is a useful tool for lead generation. You can use it to ask your customers for reviews without using any intermediaries directly. Whether you want to get reviews on your Facebook page or Google, the tool will give help you achieve this task. It can also help you to get reviews on various business listings that can rank higher in SEO results. It will monitor current reviews, request new reviews from existing clients and produce a report showing your strengths and also weaknesses that you can focus on.

What is Data management Tools?

Data is a critical tool for a complete reputation management system as businesses today use it to create the best reputation possible. As a reputation management company, the good news is that our tools will manage your data efficiently and therefore make better use of it. It all starts at the data collection point. It can help you to decide on the kind of data that you should collect. From there, it can perform various data management functions. This will likely include data processing and storage. Effective data management will help you to see how different sectors of your business are performing. We can then adjust our approach to take the most appropriate action based on your performance. This product allows for effective reputation measurement.

Multi-Location management

While you may be managing your business as a single unit, it is always good to manage each location as an autonomous entity. This is because people in different locations may have varied tastes and preferences. With the multi-location feature, you will be able to manage multiple locations with ease. Each location will have its listings, reviews, social media handles, and any other relevant data that may suit it. This way, you can put more effort on tasks that can improve your performance in a specific location. Multi-location will improve the overall performance of your business.

How to Achieve Better Social Interaction

Having a social media page is one thing and utilizing it is another. Being dormant won’t help you to gain any traction. You need to interact with your followers. The software we use will help you to communicate with your followers on all social media platforms. These messages can be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, without it becoming a chore.

The replies that you give people on these platform matters. They show that you are concerned about their needs and you are willing to act on them. This helps your reputation management reviews. You can also use social interaction to ascertain whether your customers are satisfied with your products or services.

Directory Publishing

One way of improving your online visibility is by publishing your name on various listings or directories. These platforms can also improve your credibility and boost your SEO ratings. Through our tool, we can get your business name in more than 70 directories. We understand how difficult it can be to manage many directories at once.

Although this can appear to be complex, especially when you have to take care of other core business issues, our software simplifies the process. Whether you want to get your name in Google My Business, Bing or even local listings, our software will help you. Regardless of the number of directories, you can manage everything from a single dashboard.

Protect your online reputation with Review Monitoring

This software can help you to monitor every review that you get, whether positive or negative. You can extend the conversations and get to know the expectations of your customers. You will have a chance to reassure customers who have given negative reviews or provide clarification when issues arise, as they inevitably will.

The software can give you an accurate analysis of how you are performing. It is capable of tracking your rankings from time to time. The analytics can show bounce rates, click through rates, traffic segmentation, time on page, and new visitor tracking among other key factors. From the analytics, you can use the tool to generate a customized report, which can be generated in PDF or CSV format. These reports can be used to influence various business decisions.

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