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Recent statistics have shown an increasing number of companies deploying reasonable measures to evaluate employee performance leading which has started leading to more layoffs and even more unsatisfied American citizens, reminds JW Maxx Solutions. Many businesses have even enjoyed greater turnovers with these measures while some have rather suffered a fading reputation and even lower revenues as observed upon major search engines.

John Gilfeather, an Online Research Panelist, says, “In forty years of studying corporate reputation, I have never seen this level of vitriol aimed at larger corporations. It is not just an erosion of positives, but also a rise in distinct negatives.”

Many prominent media analysts believe that if corporations do not start to connect with their customers better or do not get rid of their adversely affected rankings and ratings among their touch points in the industry and over the media, then it is likely that even top 100 corporations today may lose their positioning to some others who do.

Where many still do not understand the benefits and essentials of corporate branding, companies like Reputation Defense specialist JW Maxx Solutions help all big and small corporations by providing “Positive Media Solutions to Growth Oriented Companies” as it appears on their website JWMaxxSolutions.com.

Walter Halicki, CEO of Reputation Defense specialist company JW Maxx Solutions has spent much of his time identifying and understanding the reasons for corporate strategies that have been failing these days due to some negative feedbacks and distorted impressions among the target audience as propagated by media and Search Engines to be a little more specific.