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JW Maxx Solutions knows that many small businesses’ strategy for online reputation management is simple. They Google their name on occasion to see if everything looks ok, with the firm website at the top of search results, followed by social media pages ran by the company as well below.  Many don’t care to delve much further, which can actually be harmful shares the online reputation solutions at JW Maxx Solutions. While the presence of the page at the top of search results in positive, not being aware of other things online can lead to issues down the road. Since the nature of the world wide web can be very dynamic, owners may never know when a negative review that’s lurking below can suddenly be catapulted to the top of search results. JW Maxx Solutions provides some ways to prevent this from happening and also shares how to be prepared if it does. 
Be aware of what’s online: Check at least once a month if not more frequently to keep tabs on what is showing up in the results. Be sure also to look beyond the first page and see what all is being said.  Remember that anything negative, even if it ends up popping up on page 7 now could end up switching to a front page result later, so it is better to address now than wait until it becomes a problem, advises the online reputation management firm of JW Maxx Solutions.
Contact the creator of the content: If there is something wrong, reach out to whoever posted the negative information and saw what you can do to switch their sentiments. If they are still unwilling to change their position, go on the site yourself and explain what happened in the other side’s version of events. Also, mention the efforts made to try to satisfy. Remember to be respectful instead of fanning the flames further by sounding too defensive or unapologetic.
Find ways to boost search results:  And if that negative review just won’t seem to stop haunting you, some steps can be taken to push it down in the search results. Take the time to learn about how Google works, and be diligent in creating external sites that will help bring it down.  By utilizing new social media or other 2.0 sites branded with the business name, those are more likely to appear at the top of results rather than a negative review. And if it seems like something too difficult to manage during downtime, business owners should know that the reputation management experts at JW Maxx Solutions are here for that very reason. We offer all different types of solutions for solving your online reputation woes.