Why to Be Careful When Using Social Media: Jim Bowden Uses Information From a Fake Twitter Account Shared by Scottsdale Reputation Management

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Scottsdale reputation management firm JW Maxx Solutions says that Twitter, Facebook, and other modes of social media are the perfect way for people to stay up to date on the latest news, trends, and information. In fact, many of these social sites are promoting more relevant content to provide its followers. When on Facebook or Twitter, people are able to check out the most popular news that is occurring all around the world, while simultaneously sharing it with their friends.

Even though people use these websites as credible sources, there is a fine line as to what is true and what isn’t. There are many people who post fake news, or even assume faulty accounts for any number of reasons. When followers believe this information without double-checking their research, it could get them in some serious trouble.

Take, for instance, the situation that happened today, July 31st. The social media world is abuzz with the latest news in regards to baseball, as today marks the deadline for MLB trades. Scottsdale reputation management JW Maxx Solutions says that many people are turning their eyes to Twitter to see the instant updates on who is being traded to what team. Former MLB executive Jim Bowden decided to utilize information from a tweet that he found from New York Post’s Joel Sherman. However, there were two problems with this.

First, Bowden did not actually credit Sherman with the information. Second, the Joel Sherman account was not the real thing. The information that he used from Sherman was a fake account and was not credible. When Sherman found out about all of this, he tweeted, “There is a fake account that has me saying Marlon Byrd to the Yankees. I am not reporting that.” – Joel Sherman.

After this occurred, havoc quickly ensued. Jim Bowden quickly realized his mistake and tried to cover it up. What happened next involved a flurry of changing accounts, pictures, and followers.

The bottom line is that people need to be careful when it comes to the information that they discover on the Internet. While the majority of it is indeed true, the reputation experts at JW Maxx Solutions say to be sure to double check where it is coming from and whether or not it is credible. By doing this, it will save a lot of time and embarrassment in the future.

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