Why Having No Online Presence is Worse than a Negative One

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There are many misconceptions and myths about online reputation management, including the myth that having no Internet presence is much better than having a negative one. The reputation management experts at JW Maxx Solutions know that this is simply not true. Having no web presence makes an individual or business seem dated, out of the loop, untrustworthy, fake, and makes consumers wary is to whether the business or person is legitimate or not.

If a potential client looks for you online and all they see are directory listings, reviews sites and other such public sites, they may start to get concerned about the legitimacy of the business or the person who is providing them with services. With so many scams on the Internet today, consumers are more wary and gun-shy than ever before.

In addition, not having an online presence makes a company seem as if they are still living in the past. In today’s digital age, it is almost unheard of for a company to not have a website or a social media presence at all, shares the Scottsdale reputation management firm of JW Maxx Solutions, yet so many businesses still do not have any kind of web presence.

While this is completely inconvenient to those consumers looking to connect with that business or individual, who simply cannot find any or very piecemeal information online, it also leaves that entity vulnerable to attack in the future. Part of the benefit to owning your online landscape is creating a buffer zone against negative information and posts creeping up on people’s search engine results.

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