The Way a New Delaware Lawis Changing Social Media Discussed by Scottsdale Reputation Management Expert

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The Scottsdale Reputation Management Experts know how big of an impact social media has in the lives of people each day. While these sites have become a staple of everyday life for a large percent of the world’s population, the accounts of individuals on social media have traditionally ended with the life of the people who owns them. However, this is now changing with the passing of a new Delaware law.

In the past, because social media sites do not allow for users to share their login information, when a user passes, their accounts are cut off. There has been no legal right to family or friends of the deceased parties to access the accounts that have been left behind. The new Delaware law however will allow individuals to put access to their social accounts into their wills, and they will be able to either opt for the accounts to stay closed or to pass it on to a family member or friend.

While this new law has many advantages, including the ability for individuals to leave the ownership of their online content to their loved ones, there is controversy to the new law as well. The problem with this law is not for the deceased or for their heirs, but for those who have communicated with them through social media prior to their death. If, for example, private messages were sent between a doctor and one of his patients through Facebook or another social media site, and the doctor dies and leaves access to his social pages to a family member in his will, those family members will have access to the private conversations between doctor and patient.

Delaware is the first state to adopt this law, and it is hard to say exactly what kind of an impact it will have. What JW Maxx Solutions does know is that this is just another example of how important it is to monitor how you use the online world. Social media is now becoming an entity with a lot of power, and it is important to protect yourself when you use it personally or professionally.

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