The Personal and the Professional: How to Avoid Major Personal Reputation Mistakes

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JW Maxx Solutions wants you to be careful online

It is important to think twice about everything that you post online to ensure you don’t make a mistake that will hurt your reputation.

These days, it is easier than ever to communicate with anyone anywhere in the world in an instant. Additionally, anything that you produce online has the potential to go viral and live forever not only on the Internet but in the minds of others. Online reputation management expert JW Maxx Solutions knows that this connectivity is a great thing in many ways, but for those who are ill managing their online reputation, it is a danger.

If you own or operate a business, are looking for a job, or just want to be recognized and respected, an inappropriate tweet or unflattering picture can be the difference between succeeding in your goals and failing. Don’t be the one damaging your own image, and keep these factors in mind when you go online.

  1. A minute on the keyboard, forever on the Internet: When you put something online, it stays there. Even deleting a post does not guarantee that it will go away, especially when others have the ability to take screenshots, share posts, and otherwise make copies of you content. Think about what you post online and how it will affect you now as well as how it could affect you in the future before you share it.
  2. Private and public should be kept separate: When you post personal content, it can become public very quickly
    Internet Reputation Expert shows you the best methods for posting cautiously

    There are many accounts that you will use personally and to promote your business. Make sure that you use them appropriate and don’t let the two cross.

    if you are not careful. To avoid this, keep accounts for yourself and your brand separate and make sure that you have heavy privacy settings. Even then, be wary of what you post since friends and family can share things too. The Internet Reputation Expert says that this is vital to protecting your privacy and your image.

  3. Keep general guidelines in mind: Make good online behavior a habit and include several checks into your posting routine. When you are about to post, double check your content for mistakes and make sure that nothing you say could be interpreted incorrectly. Make sure that you are using the right account or name to post, and that your privacy setting are appropriate. Finally, be sure to maintain a polite and responsible attitude whenever you put anything online. These can all help you avoid damaging mistakes.
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