Social Media Reputation Management Needed for Chris Brown

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Recently, singer Chris Brown has had a lot of legal woes: from an alleged assault at a club to a hit-and-run case. Recently, the “Don’t Wake Me Up,” vocalist went on a Twitter rant about the 1,000 hours of community service he was recently sentenced to. The tweet accused the District Attorney of being racist and suggested that the court’s time would be better spent taking care of people who are on skid row rather than to concern itself with Chris Browns’ exploits.

This is not the first time Brown has used Twitter to express anger and frustration. Time and time again, he has expressed his lack of concern for what people think about him and his music. In fact, Brown even deleted his Twitter account after a nasty back-and-forth exchange with comedian Jenny Johnson over the social media platform.

Although Chris Brown has a huge following of nearly 13 million Twitter followers and nearly 32 million Facebook fans with even more fans of his music around the world, he is damaging his reputation by directly attacking individuals through social media. His use of vulgar language is equally as damaging.

Social media reputation management expert JW Maxx Solutions advises that celebrities refrain from using curse words in social media posts. It is not a good idea to directly engage with cyber bullies over Twitter, either. Back-and-forth attacks over social media are viewable by the entire world and are extremely hard to erase, especially if the original message has been retweeted.

Interestingly, the R&B crooner’s official Facebook fan page is completely free of any and all negative content, and instead focuses on the singer’s strong suits, hobbies, and news. While Brown’s Twitter feed also includes promotional content about upcoming singles, music video premiers and recent concerts. However, this positive content is interspersed with tweets that are scathing and hateful in tone.

“If Chris Brown can’t clean up his Twitter feed, there will more than likely be serious repercussions in the future,” CEO of JW Maxx and online reputation management expert, Walter Halicki said.

Recently, Brown deleted the vulgar posts he had made regarding his imminent community service sentence and replaced the tweets saying; “The community service isn’t a problem anymore…” While this tweet was much more positive than his previous posts and the negative posts had been removed, they had already been retweeted and many writers and media outlets had already taken screen shots of the singer’s rant.

“Just because something is removed from Twitter, doesn’t mean it’s removed from the Internet,” Halicki said.

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