Reputation Management Specialist Highlights the Success of Google+

Posted by on October 29, 2013 in JWMAXX Solutions, Social Media Promotion | Comments Off on Reputation Management Specialist Highlights the Success of Google+

Reputation management specialist JW Maxx Solutions stays on the cutting edge of technology by utilizing the latest and greatest social media platforms available on the market. The use of these platforms not only increases engagement, increases reach and brings in new customers, but it also creates robust and powerful positive media assets that can dramatically change a client’s online landscape.

Just today, Google announced that its social media platform, Google+, has seen a 37% increase in the number of users from the number of users it had in May. These numbers increased from 190 million to about 300 million. This is truly an impressive accomplishment, as Google+ is quickly emerging as the latest and greatest in social media. The company’s stock enjoyed a significant increase as well, as shares were being traded today at $1,000, which is the first time that prices have been that high in weeks.

Reputation management specialist JW Maxx Solutions shares that Google+’s innovative platform allows social media users to share their information more like real life. Because it is set up through Gmail, contacts are easy to find. There are “hangouts” that users to can up that act as video conferences, pictures can be uploaded, links shared and more. Google’s algorithms respond to its own social media platform very well, which makes it an ideal platform for both businesses and individuals to use.

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