Reputation Management Plan for Teens and Young Adults

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Scottsdale Reputation Management Expert reveals how to get your online reputation ready for anything

When individuals want to be successful professionally, they need to have a strong online reputation. If they are starting their own business, their name will reflect on their brand. Additionally, if they are looking to get into a good college or trying to get a dream job, they will also need a great online reputation to appeal to employers and other important individuals. This is why it is so important that teens and young adults look at their own online reputations and start making a reputation management plan to make sure that they can be successful in their adult lives. Here are some tips to start their reputation management plan off on the right foot.

  • Start now: The earlier that individuals start paying attention to the way that they look online, the stronger their reputation will be when they start to establish their professional careers. High school juniors and seniors should start their reputation management plan now so that they can appeal to colleges and have a good chance at scholarships. College students should start planning to help their job searches out of college or aid them in building their own business.
  • Clean up: One thing that should be essential to any reputation management plan for young people is reviewing old content that they have put online. They should go to old profiles, websites, or blogs to cut out irrelevant material. They should also think about deleting old accounts that they can no longer use to make sure that outdated content is not showing up when employers, clients, or others search them for.
  • Monitor: Teens need to start looking at how others see them online. They need to search their own name to make sure that if there is any content, it is positive. Additionally, monitoring social media is essential. Making sure that they and their friends are not posting inappropriate content is always a must since social content can spread fast and last a long time.
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