Reputation Management Essential Tips

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Targeting new customers on the map for the holiday season

Everyone, from teens heading to college to high-powered companies, needs to have strong online reputations. It is through these reputations that people are able to get into contact with new clients and colleagues or create successful professional reputations for themselves or their brands. Building a strong reputation is a lot of work and often requires the help of a reputation management firm such as JW Maxx Solutions. However, for those who are beginning to build online reputation, here are some simple tips that they can utilize.

  • Watch what you post: The expert reputation management firm says that this is important for any individual that may have their name searched, even if they are not in the public eye. When others search for you, you want them only to see good things, and so you must be careful that you are not posting anything that may be considered inappropriate. Think about what would happen if your employer saw you bashing your job, or if a client saw you posting questionable pictures. Always think twice about everything you post.
  • Revamp old accounts: The social accounts that you opened years ago but no longer use can still show up when someone searches for you, so you want to make sure that these accounts work for you. Clean them up, put some good content on them, and make them appealing to those who may find them. If you cannot use an account, you can delete it completely as well shares the top reputation management firm.
  • Update profiles: Any profiles that you currently use to promote yourself or your brand should also be reviewed. Make sure that you update these accounts and refresh them with new and up to date information and copy. This makes the account appealing and helps others find you. A cluttered profile may turn employers or clients away, so make sure that you regularly run checks on these profiles.
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