Online Reputation Management Firm JW Maxx Solutions Shares How a Positive Online Presence is Important Even for Oscar Winners

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The 85th Academy Awards ceremony was full of plenty of excitement and pageantry, guided by host Seth McFarlane and frequented by spontaneous musical performances.  However, not everyone enjoys watching the show and many people are quick to bash the lavish ceremony as a self-serving gimmick for celebrities.  Doing a quick Google search for keywords related to the Oscars can paint a relative picture for how the night was captured by some of these people.  “After looking for “Oscars” on Google, Perez Hilton’s look on the ceremony can be found on the first page.  With well-maintained online reputation management, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences could ensure that the only results that show up for their keywords are what they want their audience to see.” says JW Maxx Solutions CEO, Walter Halicki.

The Perez Hilton page is full of information from sources and their writers portraying celebrity Oscar participants with embarrassing facts and images.  These “shock-and-awe” news stories are meant to captivate the attention of people interested in all things celebrity, but effective online reputation management could keep search results for the Oscars limited to newsworthy content that only pertain to events from the ceremony itself.  Deadspin hosted their own version of a unique twist on the ceremony, presenting a live blog hosted by Drew Magary.  His recap of the night’s events generally involved jokes directed at the celebrities and involved films themselves, sometimes downright insulting those involved.  Online reputation management firms like JW Maxx Solutions could help push his article deeper back on the results pages when using keywords related to the Oscars, even though the story has over 200,000 hits.

Online reputation management could be the first line of defense against undesired results for the Academy Awards, like the Perez Hilton articles and the live blog on Deadspin.  While the Academy has done a good job of producing newsworthy content to keep their own site and posts relevant, although not for every related search, not all business have the resources or buzz proceeding them to do the same.  Even the individual celebrities can benefit from online reputation management  — “Anne Hathaway Oscars” turns up some results that she surely is not the most proud of.  Seth McFarlane could also use some help after his hosting performance, as many sites seem to be critiquing his job of carrying the ceremony somewhat harshly.

The Academy Awards are just one example of an event that carries with it many positives and negatives, accompanied by both good and bad publicity.  An effective online reputation management campaign is a surefire way to control the content being readily searched for in a manner tailored to the positives of a group or company, as the Academy has been trying to do since its most recent outing.

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