Online Reputation Management Company JW Maxx Solutions Looks at Recent Court Cases as Examples of Reputation Management

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Online reputation management company, JW Maxx Solutions discusses how OJ Simpson’s new court case claiming his former attorney did not properly represent him, is just as damaging to his reputation as previous court cases.

In a Las Vegas courtroom, OJ Simpson testified that his former attorney, Yale Galanter, recommended that Simpson could weild an amount of force to reclaim stolen personal belongings from sports memorabilia vendors back in 2007. Simpson took the alleged advice to the next level, and backed by a group of individuals, held up the vendors at gunpoint and intimidated the vendors to give up their items. Out of the five individuals that accompanied Simpson in the robbery, four pleaded guilty in order to obtain reduced charges in exchange for their testimony.

Now, while imprisoned, Simpson is seeking a new trial, on the notion that Galanter improperly represented Simpson. “The overall advice that [Galanter] gave me is that you have a right to get your stuff. He gave me an example that if you’re walking the street and you see your laptop in a car, you can use force to break the window of the car,” Simpson explained to the court. Back in 2008, Simpson was found guilty of all charges and sentenced to 33 years in prison.

Online reputation management company JW Maxx Solutions has learned that on Friday the 17th of May, Galanter is scheduled to testify in the Simpson trial.

Currently on trial, Galanter testified that Simpson secretly told him that Simpson knew that two of his accomplices were armed, going into the incident. “He knew he screwed up,” Galanter said. “He said, ‘The other guys had guns and I didn’t.'” Now, online reputation management firm, JW Maxx Solutions, has found out that Simpson is seeking counsel with two new attorneys, Ozzie Fumo and Patricia Palm, in his recent case against Galanter.

Claiming that Simpson told him of the plans the night before the incident, Galanter says he never gave his approval or suggested that course of action and told Simpson to simply call the police, instead of taking matters into his own hands. Now, Galanter and Simpson are expected to face off, in court.

As an industry leading online reputation management company, JW Maxx Solutions is quick to point out that when such a well-publicized court case, such as OJ Simpson’s original murder trial takes place, it is nearly impossible for the public to dismiss the established reputation of those convicted. Because of the reputation-damaging trial, it can be difficult to find a jury that can be called to provide a fair trial if a second case branches out from the first.

JW Maxx Solutions’ online reputation management experts work around the clock to repair their client’s damaged online reputation. Free consultation is available through the rest of the year, for prospective clients.

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