Online Reputation Management Company JW Maxx Solutions Advises Reputation Management Following Pope Benedict’s Retirement

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Online Reputation Management is essential during uncertain times full of rumors and scandals, for the Catholic Church, and JW Maxx Solutions advises taking a strong grasp on reputation management, in light of the alleged reports.

After nearly eight years as Pope, Pope Benedict XVI surprised the world with the announcement of his impending retirement, earlier this month. Much mystery surrounds the announcement, but the official word is that Benedict feels he is simply too old to shoulder the weight and responsibility that comes with the job. Unfortunately, his last days are marked by scandalous rumors and claims. These are things that online reputation management companies like JW Maxx Solutions offers tips about in 2013.

These rumors and claims could easily spell disaster for dozens of priests, bishops, and cardinals, as the Catholic chain of command is unfortunately all too familiar with rumors of alleged abuses. However, rumors, until proven false, only serve to tarnish reputation, and if false claims are left alone, they can spell disaster for the innocent.

In today’s society, where most communication is done over the internet, it is all too easy for an individual to simply Google-search another individual and find out all sorts of information. If the searched-for individual was involved in any sort of negative media story, the results will show…and that individual will look worse than one who has clear search results. By working with an online reputation management company, that individual can ensure that the reputation-harming results are dealt with properly.

What happens is that a client will identify a website, forum post, or social media issue, and the reputation management experts will use their tools and technical know-how to reduce the influence the items in question have within search engine algorithms. In short, the experts use the search engine algorithms to directly benefit their clients.

Individuals have much at stake, and they might not even realize it. A potential employer might Google search their prospective employees, to see what they can find, if anything, about them. The moment one negative looking post turns up that individual in question is already at a disadvantage, to someone with clear search results.

An online reputation management agency like JW Maxx Solutions can work with clients to ensure that reputation-harming search results are properly dealt with, whether it is through technical force or legal action.

JW Maxx Solutions is offering free consultation throughout the year for individuals and business owners looking to take the initiative in taking control of their online reputation management, and securing a positive future for themselves or their business.

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