Online Reputation Expert JW Maxx Solutions Talks Reputation Management Following Royal Caribbean Cruise Fire

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Online Reputation Expert JW Maxx Solutions is discussing the steps that Royal Caribbean after a fire aboard one of their ships, and how that affects their online reputation.

On Memorial Day, a fire broke out at the rear of Royal Caribbean’s cruise ship Grandeur. The ship was on course for CocoCay, Bahamas when the fire started around 2:50 in the morning. By 5 in the morning, the fire had been extinguished, and the ship had changed courses for Freeport, Bahamas.

Online reputation expert JW Maxx Solutions has learned that the fire began within an aft mooring deck which then spread to the fourth deck and crew lounge area before it was finally put out. The fire caused significant exterior damage in the areas it swept through. Royal Caribbean canceled the rest of the cruise, and the passengers were told they would be flying home from Freeport. Thanks to the new Cruise Industry Passenger Bill of Rights, which went into effect just a week before the fire took place, passengers aboard the Grandeur will receive a full refund for the trip.

Online reputation expert JW Maxx Solutions points out that having a system in place, like the recently enacted Cruise Industry Passenger Bill of Rights, is integral to maintaining a strong hold on a business’s online reputation. Some of the main guarantees that the new Bill of Rights promises passengers is the right of partial refund, right to an emergency power source, and the right to disembark a docked ship if adequate resources are not available onboard. These rights come after the February Carnival Triumph disaster and the 2012 Costa Concordia disaster in which thirty-two people perished.

Simply saying the Bill exists, and actually following through with it are two very different things, though. However, following the recent incident with the Grandeur, it looks like Cruise Industry Passenger Bill of Rights are a real safeguard for the cruiseline’s customers. This is very good news, in regards to the company’s online reputation. Now, when a customer starts thinking about going on a cruise, they will be reassured by the fact that they are now protected under certain rights, should something go wrong on the cruise.

Online reputation expert, JW Maxx Solutions, knows that with such a plan in order, people are more likely to trust a brand and conduct business with them. The bill also helps people to see that the industry leaders are paying attention to customer needs, and are enacting new guidelines all the time to help ensure their guests have a positive experience.

JW Maxx Solutions is offering free consultation for prospective clients throughout the rest of 2013.

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