Online Reputation Expert Discusses Google’s Hummingbird Update

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Online reputation expert JW Maxx Solutions knows the importance of understanding Google’s search engine algorithms. As a leading online reputation management company, JW Maxx Solutions utilizes many different strategies in order to provide positive media outcomes to growth-oriented companies. The update, nicknamed “Hummingbird,” was the first time that Google has updated its search engine in nearly 10 years, and while users have probably not noticed any difference when they have searched for things, the way that Google pulls up these results has changed for the better. There are several different things that content marketers need to know about this new update, and the online reputation experts at JW Maxx Solutions are taking the time to detail the most important aspects of this historic update.

1. Get acquainted with synonyms
Online reputation expert JW Maxx Solutions 
uses various strategies when implementing key words for clients. One of the best ways to direct traffic is through the use of several different targeted key words. For example, if a company had a car washing business called Benson’s Car Wash in Dallas, the online reputation experts at JW Maxx Solutions would utilize the key words, “Benson’s Car Wash,” “Benson’s Car Detailing,” “Car Wash Dallas,” and more. These key words would be centered around the company’s name, the type of services they offer and their location. It’s important to note that synonyms should be used, as Google is now intuitive enough to pull up car detailing services when someone searches for a great car wash.

2. Grow a long tail
JW Maxx Solutions has utilized long tail keywords for quite some time. With the new Google Hummingbird update, these long tail keywords will be indexed better than ever before. Long tail key words are groups of words or phrases that are more complex that the average search. Going back to the Benson’s Car Wash in Dallas, some long tail key words would be, “best car wash in Dallas,” “best car detailing service in Dallas,” “friendliest car wash in Texas,” and other such key words. In short, long tail keywords are more of a phrase that is searched than a set of key words.

Online reputation expert JW Maxx Solutions is looking forward to seeing how the practices they have already been utilizing for so long will be positively impacted by this new set of updates. For more information about the online reputation management services that JW Maxx Solutions provides, visit

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