Online Reputaiton Expert Shares Social Media Tips for Facebook from JW Maxx Solutions

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The online reputation experts at JW Maxx Solutions knows that when people think about social media, the big three usually come to mind: Facebook, Twitter and Google+. While exciting new social media profile sites are always emerging and are constantly gaining new users – sites like Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit and more – The big three is where anyone wanting a social media presence should start.


When it comes to Facebook, it’s essential to have a Facebook fan page, especially if you are a public figure, a company, business or product that you are selling. In fact, anyone selling a product or service should have a Facebook fan page that people can like and can follow to find out the latest news about your products, etc. JW Maxx Solutions shares that engagement is of the upmost importance, but means nothing if you don’t have a vanity URL for your Facebook fan page.

When it comes to the administrators of the page and those who own a company, for example, it is advisable to go ahead and make two separate Facebook accounts: one for your friends and family, and one for professional purposes. Always think twice about every picture, comment, post, etc, that is put on Facebook or any social media account, because once something is posted, it never really goes away thanks to the invention of screenshots. Even if your Facebook profile is just for your friends and family to see, you can truly never be too careful about what you post. Make sure that your privacy settings are correct as well as an extra layer of protection.

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