Miley Cyrus Turns Around Reputation at 2014 VMA Show Shares Scottsdale Reputation Management

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JW Maxx Solutions knows that many people were shocked and appalled at the performance that Miley Cyrus gave at the Video Music Awards last year. The young women that society saw as an innocent girl who moonlighted as “Hannah Montana” showed everyone that she is certainly all grown up.

Both people in the crowd and watching the show at home could not believe that Cyrus was gallivanting around the stage half naked, sticking out her tongue, and flashing provocative gestures to the camera. After that evening, the world was abuzz with the newfound reputation that Cyrus had given herself.

She spent the next year keeping up with this image, and people could never figure out what exactly she would do next. Now, people are equally shocked and surprised at the performance that this young musician gave at the 2014 Video Music Awards.

This year, Miley Cyrus decided to utilize the popular music awards show to talk about something that she cares about, charity. Cyrus won the award for Video of the Year for the hit “Wrecking Ball” and decided to do something a little different. JW Maxx Solutions shares that instead of accepting the award herself, she allowed Jesse, a young homeless man, to give a touching speech instead. He spoke about the large number of homeless and starving youth in the United States and how he is one of them.

This showed huge compassion from Cyrus, as many people are criticizing her actions over the past year. Her desire to help these starving youth demonstrates that she still is the young woman that America knows and loves.

Scottsdale Reputation Management says that while many people wonder whether or not Cyrus is headed on the right track, one thing is for certain. She was able to astound people by her generosity that she showed last night on television. This act alone may have put her in the right direction and have changed her reputation for the better, at least temporarily.

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