LeAnn Rimes’ Twitter Fail and How She Conquered the Situation Revealed by Scottsdale Reputation Management Firm

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JW Maxx Solutions knows that with the increasing use of social media, celebrities are constantly posting the latest pictures and updates of their day-to-day lives. Many ordinary citizens out there find it extremely intriguing and entertaining as to how these glamorous people live, and hang on every word that comes from their social media accounts.

With this continuous use of social media, there is bound to be a slip-up every once in awhile with a racy picture or comment coming from a well-known celebrity. Even if the mistake is caught quickly and taken down, chances are that hundreds of thousands of followers have already seen the picture or comment and taken a picture of it, making it nearly impossible to erase it from the web. Once the damage has been done, Scottsdale Reputation Management says that the question is how to handle it and try to control the situation as much as possible.

It was revealed on the popular VHI reality series, “LeAnn and Eddie” that LeAnn Rimes has recently experienced a social media fail herself and was given the dilemma as to what to do next. Rimes had intended on posting a picture of some delicious pancakes on Twitter one early morning, but instead gave her followers a much racier image to go along with their breakfast. The selfie of Rimes and her pancakes actually showed the famous singer’s scantily clad rear-end.

Although she took down the image from her account when she realized her social media fail, the Internet was already buzzing with the news. In fact, Rimes and her rear were trending, with the hashtag, #rimeswithbooty, all over Twitter. Rimes was advised by her publicist just to wait it out until someone else screwed up. Instead of taking the advice, the country singer had a different plan of her own. Rimes took it upon herself to have fun with the situation and post a picture of her husband’s backend on Twitter.

JW Maxx Solutions shares that social media fails are inevitable, and it is really a matter of how to handle it. By taking a proactive approach to the situation, Rimes was able to have some fun with a seemingly horrible situation.

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