Why Job Seekers Should Be More Concerned With Their Online Image

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It’s no secret that more and more employers are searching through Google and on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and other social media sites to look up the people who have applied for jobs at their company. One should never assume that their online presence has not been looked at before getting an interview. In fact, research has shown that 90% of executive recruiters and up to 70% of employers have looked up the people who have applied for jobs at their companies. Whether or not that person landed an interview was based upon what they saw.

Phoenix reputation management firm JW Maxx Solutions knows that college students, especially, should be very conscious of what they look like online. It is because of this reason that the company offers a low-cost student plan to fix up the way that a recent graduate looks online. If that job seeker does not currently have any negativity posted about them, they can also utilize this service to build up a positive media presence to make themselves look more attractive to employers. If the person already has a web presence that is established, they are more likely to have leave a good and lasting impression on the recruiter.

When posting on social media, job seekers should always post content that is appropriate and mature. They should also run searches for both their names and nick names on various search engines so that they can keep track of exactly how they look online. Negative, hateful and inappropriate content should be limited, and make sure that all privacy settings are set for as strict as possible. For more information, contact the Phoenix Reputation Management firm of JW Maxx Solutions today!

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