How to Monitor Your Online Reputation Over the 2013 Summer

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Knowing how to monitor your online reputation over the summer is critical, say the online reputation experts at JW Maxx Solutions.  The summer months offer unique challenges and opportunities for businesses, especially those that sell seasonal or higher priced goods and services, i.e. ones that would be considered “major purchases” in the budgets of most families.  Most people take their vacations in the summer months, which gives them more time to research goods and services that they may have put off purchasing.  Companies that have a lot of bad information about them posted high in search results are likely to lose out to their competition.

It is possible to learn how to monitor your online reputation without the help of professionals, but it does require some time and effort. A good starting point is learning how your current and new customers heard about the company.  Many websites require registration or include an online purchasing process that includes questions about name, address, phone number, etc.  Including an optional field about how the customer heard about the company will offer some insight into what is currently working for the company.  The more specific the answer choices for such a question are the better.  While information online is ever-changing, most businesses will find that the information included on the sources that customers site is positive.

The other advantage that this offers companies trying to learn about how to manage your online reputation is that they will be able to learn what’s not working.  For example, if most of the company’s customers are coming from the Yahoo search engine, there could very well be a problem with the information showing up in the company’s Google search results.  The same is true for monitoring social media.  If no new customers first heard about a business on Facebook, there could well be some very damaging information on the site.

Another effective way for learning how to manage your online reputation is the use of focus groups or test buyers.  A company with the resources to do so could hire people to be part of a study that examines how they find information about the company online.  When the customer arrives, they can sit them down at a computer and monitor both the computer screen and the users’ eye movements.  This will help the company to learn more about how potential customers find information about them, as well as the results that they get and what part(s) of various pages their would-be customers actually see.

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