How to Monitor Your Online Reputation a Critical Skill in the Summer Months

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The internet reputation management specialists at JW Maxx Solutions say that knowing how to monitor your online reputation is especially important over the summer months.  With many families and businesses having extra time to research big-ticket items and services, negative information showing up high in search engines or on social media can at best make it difficult for a company to grow and at worst make it difficult for them to survive.  Companies need to be able to adapt to changes in search engines, negative news stories, and social media trends.

One important thing that a business wanting to learn how to monitor your online reputation needs to do is take a look at its own website.  Enabling users to post reviews, questions, feedback, etc. on your actual site makes it much easier to monitor the business’s reputation because that is the place customers will be most likely to post information.  Those that choose to have such a feature are taking a risk, but the risk can pay off if properly managed.  This opens up the possibility that users of a company’s products or services will post negative feedback.  Some may be tempted to moderate comments so that negative reviews don’t appear.  This is a terrible idea since those users would then complain elsewhere that the business was censoring its site, something that creates an image of dishonesty.

Instead, businesses need to respond to criticism, especially that on their own sites, immediately, directly, honestly, and in a way that offers a solution to the problem.  Doing so shows potential customers that the business cares about customer satisfaction and can be trusted to conduct its business honestly.  Depending on the product or service, that advantage alone can give one business an edge over another.

Knowing how to monitor your online reputation on the business’s site is one thing, say the experts at JW Maxx Solutions, but monitoring the rest of the internet can be a challenge.  Knowing the business’s customers and how they find information is very important.  For example, younger customers are more likely to use social media to research companies while older customers would be more likely to use search engines.  Frequent searches for Facebook groups or Twitter posts about a company are important, as are searches in the most common search engines, along with terms like “scam” and “negative reviews”.  Although fortnightly searches may be enough through much of the year, summer searches should be conducted at least once or twice a week.

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