How Reviews Can Cause Bad Reputation Online

Posted by on March 6, 2015 in Brand Reputation Management | Comments Off on How Reviews Can Cause Bad Reputation Online

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There are many different factors that may have an impact on the way that you look online. When you have good content appearing in search results for your name or brand name, it helps you build a positive reputation. If, however, there is bad content, it will cause a bad reputation online for your brand. Reviews are a vital part of your online reputation as bad ones can severely hurt your brand. JW Maxx Solutions says that you must pay attention to and respond to such reviews for a number of reasons including the following.

  • Consumers pay attention to reviews: When a consumer wants to see if they should buy a product or pay for a service, they do their research first by heading to the Internet to see what others think. Reviews are a form of research and the results will determine if they want to pursue a brand or if a bad reputation online for the brand will make the consumer turn away.
  • Unhappy customers are more likely to review: When a customer is unhappy, they are often fueled by that anger to go write scathing reviews that will hurt a brand. Because unhappy customers are more likely to review, when a company is not careful about the way it treats customers, they can have a bad reputation online as a result.
  • Bad reviews carry weight: When customers look at reviews of a company that has a bad reputation online, they will likely see a number of negative reviews. They may also see positive reviews, sometimes in equal parts. However, individuals want to make sure that they are being wary, and they will often take complaints about a brand into account first, as they want to be prepared for the worst. A brand needs more positive reviews than negative to even out the status of the company online.
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