How Malaysia Airlines is Damaging its Reputation with Recent Marketing Faux Pas Discussed by Internet Reputation Management Experts

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JW Maxx Solutions discusses the  marketing mistake made by Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines made a major marketing mistake with their new campaign.

JW Maxx Solutions knows that for many people, maintaining a good can be a struggle. However, when a company starts making itself look bad by being careless with the way that it conducts itself online, maintaining a good reputation becomes almost impossible. This is the case with the recent marketing mistake made by the now infamous Malaysia Airlines.

Earlier this year, the airline faced two separate crashes that resulted in 537 lost lives, and has been heavily discussed all over the media. With these tragedies still in recent memory for many, and still breaking the hearts of those who were related to the victims, it would seem that the airline should sensitive to the events and conduct their marketing carefully. However, on Monday, the airline sparked waves of controversy and outrage when they started their “My Ultimate Bucket List Campaign.”

The campaign asked Australians and New Zealanders to enter a content with their own personal bucket lists. In another case, this may have been an innocent enough campaign, but the connection between the term “bucket list” and death seems like a very insensitive move for an airline that has already been a part of two tragedies this year.

After the backlash that they received, Malaysia Airlines promptly removed the campaign, but much damage has already been done, and the story will live on throughout the Internet. The Scottsdale Reputation Management Firm knows that this is yet another example of how fast news travels online and how it is important to always be aware of what you are saying and doing on the Internet.

There is no doubt that Malaysia Airlines should have through a bit more about the implications of this campaign before moving forward with the project. However, thinking about what is being put online does not only apply to big companies. Anyone who cares about their reputation should understand the power of the internet and be smart about how they represent themselves.

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