Drew Carey Takes a Stand Against Bullying and Uses Reputation to Help Others: Scottsdale Reputation Management Firm Dicusses

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JW Maxx Solutions shares how Drew Carey is reaching out to those with Autism

Drew Carey uses his fanbase to find justice for a young child who did the ALS Challenge but was bullied during it reports JW Maxx Solutions.

The Scottsdale Reputation Experts at JW Maxx Solutions know how powerful things can become when they hit the internet. One of the best recent examples of how much power the Internet has in the modern world is the ongoing popularity of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The Challenge has been taking over the internet for weeks, and many people have joined in to raise money for Amyotrophic Lateral sclerosis and create awareness for the disease. Everyone from celebrities to kids are getting in on the action. However, recently the popularity of this trend has led to a very cruel joke, and now, a certain comedian is taking a stand to bring the perpetrators to justice.

In Ohio, an autistic 14-year-old boy was told by some of his classmates that he was going to be participating in the ALS ice bucket challenge. Instead, the other kids dumped a mixture of urine and trash onto the boy, then even went so far as to film the incident and put it online. Since the news of this atrocity has been circulating the Internet, the reports of this very cruel prank have been sparking outrage, and it has prompted one celebrity to take action.

Comedian Drew Carey, upon hearing about the situation, immediately went to Twitter to express how angry he was about the prank, and shortly after, offered to donate a $10,000 reward to anyone who would help find the pranksters and bring them to justice. When his Twitter followers encouraged him to send the money elsewhere, Carrey instead offered it to the organization Autism Speaks once the students were found.

While this is just one of the many examples of how celebrities have been using their status to help others, JW Maxx Solutions wants to note just how important it is that they continue. Celebrities, with their high status and well known reputations make them people who can spark change and make a stand for those who need help. The Internet reputation experts know that part of the beauty of having a good reputation and being a trustworthy person is that you can do exactly what Drew Carey and others have done and use your influence for the good of others.

Thank you, Drew Carey for standing up for this prank victim, and JW Maxx Solutions encourages others to follow in Drew Carey’s lead and stand up for others.

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