Customer Service Tips for Hotel Reputation Management

Posted by on March 25, 2015 in Hotel Reputation Management | Comments Off on Customer Service Tips for Hotel Reputation Management

JW Maxx Reveals how to react to online reviews

JW Maxx Solutions says that hotel reputation management is essential for those that want to make sure that they can be successful. If they neglect their online reputation management, it will be difficult for them to stay in the favor of their guests and potential future guests. There are many ways to improve the standing of a hotel online, but first and foremost they need to pay attention to their customer service. When you have satisfied customers, you will get better reviews and see a better response online. Here are some tips to keep in mind to provide better customer experiences.

  • Show concern: Whenever a guest needs assistance, it is essential for hotel reputation management that these needs are addressed as soon as possible. Many guests that have complaints about hotels have them because their needs are not addressed quickly enough, or because they are ignored all together. Even when a hotel is busy, the staff needs to make sure that guests know that they will be attended to.  Additionally, managers should take the time to make rounds and check in with guests. Even after a visit is over, follow up with guests to see how they enjoyed their time so they know your care.
  • Try new techniques: Another great tip for hotel reputation management is to utilize new methods to make the experience easier for your guests. Utilize express technologies to cut down on wait times. You can also hire a GEM (Guest Experience Manager) whose job is to make sure that there are practices put in place and followed to ensure the best customer experiences
  • Be accessible: Guests need to know that they can get in touch with a hotel even when they are not on property. A great tip for hotel reputation management is to make sure that there are online forums where individuals can get in touch with the hotel before or after their trip. When a hotel is available and attentive, it will lead to a better customer experience.
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