Creating a Positive Online Presence Essential for Startups

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Creating a positive online presence is critical for new businesses and entrepreneurs say the online reputation experts JW Maxx Solutions.   With so many challenges facing new businesses, from funding and office space to staffing and sourcing, entrepreneurs have to understand just how important their online reputation is.  This seemingly ancillary challenge could be the difference between building positive momentum and petering out like so many others.

JW Maxx Solutions say that the reason that creating a positive online presence is so important is that it will impact every other aspect of the business.  If they do nothing else, anyone and everyone with whom the business’s leaders interact, whether electronically or in person, will have a quick look around the internet for some background on the company and, likely, the individual(s).  What they find will set the tone for the rest of the interaction.  At this early stage, there will likely be very limited information about the business, meaning that just one or two negative statements or reviews can potentially create a serious problem for the company.

Due to the lack of information about the company, many of those with whom the entrepreneur(s) interact will conduct a quick search for information about him, generally looking at his background, education, experience, etc.  In some cases, this could even include a Facebook profile.  Although nobody is likely to care about what shows up in those photos, they could well be concerned about the discretion and judgment of an entrepreneur who has them available for public viewing.  Creating a positive online presence demands that entrepreneurs take steps to control what is and is not publicly viewable about them online.

Beyond Facebook, though, Google, Yahoo, and other search engines could turn up little to no information.  While this would not be devastating by itself, even a small bit of negative information could be problematic.  The solution to a dearth of information, or, worse, negative information, is proactively creating a positive online presence.  Small business leaders should make an effort to enable satisfied customers and business partners to post information about them online.  It’s even better if such information appears at least in part on the small business’s website.  The more positive information that is presented at this early stage, the easier it will be to maintain and build the business’s reputation moving forward.  As with a building, it is far easier to start with a strong foundation than to attempt to prepare the foundation after the house has been built.

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