Brand Reputation Management Specialists State that a Business’s Online Reputation is More Important than ever

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The brand reputation management specialists at JW Maxx Solutions say that in the summer of 2013, a business’s online reputation is its reputation, with very rare exceptions.  How does a business know if it’s an exception?  If they have to ask, it’s not.

Consumers have more access to information now than ever before.  Whereas comparison shopping once required exploring several options throughout a mall, or even a city, it’s now as easy as typing a few words into a computer or phone to conduct a search or ask Facebook friends or Twitter followers for feedback.  Adjusting to this new reality is not just a bonus for businesses, but a necessary step for survival.

While relying on brand reputation management specialists to help companies adapt to this new reality, there are other steps they can take.  For starters, a company needs to build at least one large website and keep it regularly updated.  The more pages a business has and the more frequently those pages are updated, the more likely it is that they will dominate search engine results and force customers to try to find negative information about them.  Since most users go not more than three pages into search results before either trying another search or working with the information they have, this alone can go a long way toward protecting a business’s reputation.

The brand reputation management specialists at JW Maxx also recommend paying careful attention to the comments and reviews on major sites that sell their products or services.  Amazon and Ebay, thanks to their massive, frequently updated websites, are placed high in search engine rankings, and negative reviews on these pages can do serious damage to a business.  Rather than try to discredit these reviews, as many businesses do, it’s best to make an effort to respond to the concerns and, if possible, help that individual customer resolve their problem.  This shows to customers who see it that a business is serious about customer service and committed to providing the value it promises.

Finally, monitoring news and new information about a business both locally for regional businesses and nationally for others is an absolute must say brand reputation management specialists.  Setting up alerts and an RSS feed can help to prevent small, manageable problems from becoming business-threatening nightmares.  Negative stories about a business can be managed if responses are direct and immediate because the business gets to tell its side of the story along with the initial report.  Missing this opportunity can frequently mean that the story gets repeated both online and in every-day conversations without that critical response.  Even if one comes later, it becomes much more difficult to erase the negative image that has already been created in the consumers’ minds.

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