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“If you want to have success as a professional, you must make sure that your presence online isn’t holding you back,” states JW Maxx Solutions CEO and reputation expert Walter Halicki.

The truth is that many companies feel the pain of a damaged online reputation before they even know that their reputation has been attacked. Every company has to have a positive standing online to be able to succeed shares JW Maxx Solutions, the best reputation management company, but they must first know what it is that is holding them back. Here are some easy steps that will help any brand find out if its online reputation is in trouble.

  1. Google: One of the simplest ways to see if a company is being held back by its online reputation is heading to a search engine and looking up the brand. The best reputation management company shares that the results are what a customer will see when they search the brand. This gives a company a good idea of what may be holding them back. Damaging reviews, misrepresenting posts, and other content may make clients turn away and if these are present it is a sign that a company is in trouble.
  2. Check review sites: When someone owns their own brand, one of the best ways to find out if it is being damaged is to check review sites. These sites carry a lot of weight with consumers, so if there are a lot of existing negative reviews it could be harming the brand. Looking at existing reviews will also help an individual discover why it is that they are getting these bad reviews by reading through comments and feedback. Lastly, this will help a brand determine if they are causing the complaints or simply being attacked.
  3. Look for misleading information: In some cases, a company can be held back online because there is misleading information about them. JW Maxx Solutions shares that when a consumer sees that information about the business is not consistent over several sites, it may lead them to believe that the company is a scam. This will severely harm the business but may be no more than an honest mistake or a lack of following up on old sites. Either way, if not attended to, it can cause company harm and lead to more damaging feedback.

When a company sees negative content associated with its brand it needs to take action before it suffers permanent damage. The best reputation management company, JW Maxx Solutions, can offer a number of services to help a brand clean up its name online. Go to to learn how and get started today.

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