ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Proves the Power of Social Media, Revealed by Scottsdale Reputation Management Firm

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JW Maxx Solutions shares that as social media is becoming a major part of today’s society, many people are questioning its uses. There have been studies showing that people who are on social media can actually become depressed from using it. Additionally, social media platforms have also been a major venue for bullying and abuse for people.

Although there are certainly downfalls to constantly being on social media, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has proven that it can do some good as well. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge recently started as a way to raise awareness and money for the fatal illness, otherwise known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Now, thousands of people across the world are participating in the challenge and posting their videos on Facebook and other social media sites. Although many users may simply be doing it to be part of this sweeping movement, the challenge is also an example of how powerful social media can be.

Internet Reputation Management experts share that social media has served as an extremely powerful tool in order to spread the word about ALS. In less than a month’s period, over 41 million dollars has been donated to finding both a treatment and a cure for it. Currently, about 30,000 Americans have been diagnosed with the disease and the life expectancy is anywhere from two to five years.

When logging on to social media, people can find their news feed flooded with videos of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Those who participate are instructed to dump a bucket of water on themselves or donate money to the cause. They are then to challenge three more people to do so as well. Everyone from President George W. Bush to Ben Affleck to Britney Spears have all completed the challenge, and many celebrities are donating generous amounts of money to the cause as they drench themselves in chilling water.

However, there are many critics out there as well. People are saying that participants should not be dumping and wasting clean drinking water for the challenge, especially because other countries are in dire need of it. Scottsdale Reputation Management shares that although this is hotly debated, there is no doubt how powerful social media is and what it can accomplish.

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