3 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Stop Negativity in its Tracks from Phoenix Reputation Management Firm

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No body wants to Google their name and find a plethora of negative posts ranging from complaints to scandals and more. While it obviously depends on how negative the information on the Internet is, there are plenty of ways that people can safeguard themselves against negative postings rising up even higher on search engine results.

1. Stop yourself from posting when it’s necessary
Phoenix reputation management firm JW Maxx Solutions knows that it is easy to go on rants online. Whether you’re upset about something that happened at work, someone who cut you off, bad customer service or a whole range of other things, you might be tempted to put this information out online via social media or other avenues. The best advice is simply: Dont. It’s always best to avoid attacking others directly online and sharing unpopular ideas and opinions. As the saying goes, don’t stir the pot. Also, refrain from posting status updates while intoxicated. Oftentimes, it’s blatantly obvious that the person is inebriated.

2. Ask them to remove it.
Sometimes, all it takes to get negative content removed from a page is to contact the page directly to remove the information. The best chance you have of this working is explaining to the page the reasons why you want the content removed. If worse comes to worse and the website won’t budge, the Phoenix reputation management firm of JW Maxx Solutions can get you in contact with an Internet law professional.

3. Don’t add fuel to the fire.
If you do see something negative that someone has posted about you, refrain from commenting about it, linking to it or sharing it in any way. Doing this just increases the ranking of the problem site, making it more visible and encouraging more people to click on it.

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